• Lagoon of Niau island

My island, my country

NIAU, a small island of the Tuamotu archipelago from 13mi² to 340 kilometers of Tahiti.

Map of Niau island

The soft island fragrance of coco

The characteristic smell of organic extra virgin coconut oil NIAU Organic® is reminiscent of the sweet fragrance of its original soil NIAU; a small island in the Tuamotu archipelago of 13mi² at 211 miles from Tahiti.

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A small island of
It counts

Our commitment

Because it is primordial to build today by preserving tomorrow


Economic development of our island by creating jobs


The environment by being part of a sustainable and equitable approach


Local resources by diversifying productions

Bouteille builde de coco vierge extra bio

Organic extra virgin coconut oil

The only local oil to benefit from a triple biological Certification

Compliance with specifications and certification reaffirms the quality and reassures consumers of the origin of the raw material to the production of the finished product.

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