• Niau Organic® extra virgin coconut oil is extracted by cold centrifugation which allows to obtain a transparent oil, without risk of deposit. Unlike other production processes, it is subtle and silky on the skin or in the mouth, it is not disgusting and leaves a subtle scent of fresh coconut (coconut candy) at the end of the mouth; 
  • Our vegetable oil is 100% local and all the production and packaging operations are carried out internally, which guarantees the best practices and quality (eg our production unit located in the 96 acres of our coconut plantation uses exclusively selected nuts on our lands (atoll of Niau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve); 
  • No coconut waits more than 24 hours before being processed. The coconut is therefore treated freshly picked. The fruit is open, grated and pressed immediately. The rapid process of transformation after its opening is crucial so that its precious flesh does not deteriorate; 

  • Niau Organic® has developed an exclusive cold extraction process that extracts coconut oil, which protects the integrity of valuable oil assets; 
  • This process requires 3 times more production time and 2 to 3 times more coconuts than many other brands; 
  • We are the only producer in French Polynesia to be certified organic. Our products have a triple organic certification (European, American USDA Organic and regional BioPacifika); 
  • Our 100% recyclable bottles and packaging are all offered with a bilingual French / English user guide and a security / tamper evident label; 
  • We chose a distribution organized with specialized and recognized sector partners to allow consumers to find our products throughout Polynesia and at the best price; 
  • Our oil requires a long process and many operations, it is thanks to all these efforts that we offer you an extra virgin oil, 100% natural, organic and local. 

Virgin coconut oil comes from the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera), palm oil is produced from the oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis) that does not grow in French Polynesia. Palm oil is denounced by associations of consumers and nature protection because in South-east Asia in the main producing countries plantations are involved in the deforestation and extinction of animal species such as orangutans, tigers in Indonesia. 

To find out if your oil may or may not freeze with cold temperatures, just know the region from which it comes. Oils that grow in tropical regions such as Coconut, Tamanu, Jojoba ... contain a significant proportion of saturated fatty acids. Faced with cool temperatures, they will then solidify and the oil freezes in the bottle. These oils are not very sensitive to heat and are not very sensitive to oxidation. It will not be necessary to store them in the refrigerator. Oils from Mediterranean regions such as Argan, Avocado, Sesame, Apricot ... also contain saturated fatty acids and therefore crystallize at cold temperatures or when they are placed in the fridge. Not very sensitive to oxidation, they can therefore be kept out of the refrigerator (in a closet protected from light and heat). 

Like all natural oils, coconut oil freezes below about 75°F. This process is natural and proves that the oil is pure, without additions of the "antifreeze" type. With the temperatures of autumn and winter (even in Polynesia the temperature can go down in July to +/- 64 °F) it will be difficult to see the coconut oil return to a liquid state without a little help. Our advice, put the bottle or pot near a source of heat (sun, hot water trickle or next to a radiator for example) to melt the necessary amount or if necessary the entire content. Note that virgin coconut oil unlike other oils can go from liquid to solid several times without degrading. 

Yes ! Coconut oil is solid below 65°F and melts above, it's perfectly normal and proves that there is no other ingredient. Coconut oil is one of the rare oils not to be degraded by passing several times from the liquid state to the solid state. 

Coconut oil has a high saturated fat content, and the recommendations are not to consume more than 4 teaspoons (20 grams) per day on average. 

Our products are sold through various retailers throughout Polynesia (no factory direct sales or private label store). 

Absolutely ! We are the only producer of certified coconut oil in French Polynesia. Triple certification to provide quality guarantees and traceability. European, USDA Organic and regional label BioPacifika. An international independant certifier visits every year our production unit and coconut grove to ensure the product meets the specifications of these charters organic farming. 

Well preserved in its packaging, we guarantee a minimum of two years but our unopened oil can be kept according to the first tests in progress for 3 years. Tests carried out in an independent laboratory in mainland France indicate "a significant resistance to oxidation close to 2 times greater than conventional olive oil for food consumption". 

Organic extra virgin coconut oil comes from freshly harvested fruits. This oil is neither refined nor bleached and does not contain preservatives, antioxidants or fragrances. 

Yes, it is recommended for regular use in a Vegan diet. 

Traditionally used as antifungal, antibacterial and natural anti-yeast, coconut oil contains a rare combination of 3 fatty acids known for their health benefits: lauric acid (1), caprylic acid (2). Coconut oil is very rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals. 

Use: In course of 4 to 6 weeks, start with 1 teaspoon per day, then increase to 2 to 3 spoons a day after 2 weeks 

(1) saturated fatty acid found especially in coconut oil. He has the property to help lower blood levels of bad cholesterol, has antimicrobial properties and is very effective in taking care of his skin and hair. 
(2) antifungal properties 

As a replacement for conventional oils for your salads, this precious oil also has a high temperature of 350°F. This natural oil is ideal for all your dishes and pastries. 

  • A fasting spoon to bring energy and act as a hunger cutter all morning; 
  • A hazelnut in the coffee or on toast to give your breakfast a light scent of the islands; 
  • In a vinaigrette to transform your fish tartare or salad; 
  • In cooking to replace oil, butter or margarine (savory dishes, fish, chicken ... sweet dishes and desserts Muesli, crumble, muffin, fried banana, financial, etc.).

Organic extra virgin coconut oil can also be used in  in beauty and care treatments. Pour the equivalent of a dab of oil in the palm of your hand, put the virgin coconut oil between your hands and apply on the hair or skin still wet, to penetrate gently. The oil will moisturize your skin, repair and clean up your hair. 
Used in make-up remover, its texture and light fragrance will leave you silky skin without even rinsing your face or using a wipe. 

Used in massage or in the bath it gives a silky skin. 
Used as a toothpaste or oil pulling (ancestral method of Ayurvedic medicine that consists of a mouthwash with oil) it helps to purify and maintain oral hygiene.